Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Safari guide my @$$

Safari Guide says: how are u?
Safari Guide says: long time eh
Damaris says: lolz
Damaris says: yeah
Damaris says: been very busy
Damaris says: how bout u?
Safari Guide says: busy as hell
Safari Guide says: =)
Damaris says: hehe
Damaris says: hows the company coming about?
Safari Guide says: coming up fine
Safari Guide says: i am in the office actually
Safari Guide says: been to elephant county
Damaris says: elephant country?
Damaris says: eh?
Safari Guide says: yea..went to the swamps last week
Damaris says: er okay
Safari Guide says: lol
Safari Guide says: so tell me
Safari Guide says: there was an earth quake sumtime last month over there
Safari Guide says: id u feel it?
Damaris says: yearp
Damaris says: =)
Safari Guide says: damn
Damaris says: hehe
Damaris says: i was at the hotel when it happened
Safari Guide says: wooosa
Safari Guide says: which is why i prefer to stay inthis beloved country of mine
Safari Guide says: no earth quakes
Damaris says: lol
Safari Guide says: no tsunami's
Safari Guide says: just lions and the baking african sun
Damaris says: er okay man
Damaris says: anything tat makes u happy
Safari Guide says: lol
Damaris says: i wanna go on a nice break man
Safari Guide says: come here
Safari Guide says: can feed u to the dolphins
Damaris says: ...
Safari Guide says: he he
Damaris says: weirdo
Safari Guide says: cellphones dont work there too
Safari Guide says: did i mention that there are no loos?
Damaris says:...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ten ways to know if you are a workaholic..

Signs you are a workaholic: -
  1. You spend more time at work than at home.
  2. Technically your working hour ends at 5.30pm. Technically.
  3. You are very passionate about what you do.
  4. Your kiasu competitive streak is brought to new heights.
  5. You are proud about your company always thinking of ways to improve your department.
  6. You dream about your work.
  7. You talk about you work.
  8. Your inbox (both email and phone) are filled with messages from colleagues.
  9. Your friends wonder if you still are alive.
  10. You have no life, save your work life
Not that I mind, mind you. When you are in love with your job, you don't mind making the sacrifices..

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Plaster and fastfood cravings

So here is the deal. I am in the room helping John find the cover for El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth). The next thing I know, he is sucking his thumb. I find out that he has suffered from a gash. Thinking it is inflicted by a paper, I find out that the wound is from razors. Gillette razors lay splattered on his bed.

Like paperclips.

Being the sister that I am, I remove them cautiously and proceed to drone my brother upon the discovery of razors on his bed. Is he in any way trying to see how far can he go before he cast upon himself wounds of many kinds?

Blood is pouring out and hurriedly I search for a plaster. There is none. It is funny how when you need something it is never there. Upon which, daddy suggested going for a drive to get some blasted plaster. As we passed a fast-food joint I discovered that I craved for a certain kind of fast-food.

Which is not good as I can always get (insert name of fast-food joint here) anytime, anywhere and I should be sick to death of the brand. Surprisingly I am not. I should be full from dinner but I still want supper. As daddy get the plasters, I get the my heart stomach desire.

So here is the deal. My brother has countless of plasters. And I have now ate an hour's worth of exercise. Go me!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Vegetarian pretzels

It’s after work. H and I decide to go to KLCC for window shopping. We end up at New Zealand's ice cream. After enjoying our treat, we head downstairs when suddenly the craving for a nice Aunty Annie’s pretzel (sour cream, mind you) overwhelms me.

I proceed to the booth, order my pretzel and was ready to leave when I glance upon two Indian men who were behind me.

“What is this? Is it a doughnut?” said Guy No 1, with a heavy Indian accent. My guess? They are from India.

The server looks dumbfound while I try to stifle a smirk.

“No, it’s a pretzel,” I explained to the tourist.

Both men look at me. Guy No 2 says, “What is a pretzel?”

I seriously do not know what to say. To which he continue with the question: -

“Is the pretzel vegetarian?”

I stared at both men feeling a big smirk emerging on my face. The server looks at me. I look back at him and grin ear to ear. He grins back. I hurriedly walk to where H was standing. If I stay watching the two men, most likely I would start guffawing loudly in public.
And we do not want that do we?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Al Marjan and V-day

I never did get it and I guess I never will. The buying of roses and chocolates on V-day. Maybe it is because I am not a rose person (though chocolates is a different story). Maybe it's because I cannot see why must one day be so special when everyday is.

Moving on..

Impulsive H asked me to come and celebrate the V-day eating out. I never ever celebrated V-day and was looking forward to going home and curling up with a book in bed. However when the word "buffet" and "Lebanese" came into the picture, all form of reluctancy vanished and I immediately became game.

The thought of trying something new always appealled to me. So, instead of heading home, we went to KLCC, to Al Marjan.

Man the food was glorious! The array was fabulous! There was so much food!

There was more....

And more...and more at every turn we took. In fact we finally decided not to snap pictures and started to dig in..

The food was heavenly and we had many helpings...

Till it came to a point where we felt so sick...

I have no idea why I snapped this picture. Maybe because it looks cool.

Happy V-day.....

That is if you celebrate it....

For the rest, pleasant journey in this life ahead!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Melancholic Tuesday

For no apparent reason I thought about you today. It brought a smile to my face. I remember the days when we were in college. People often mistook our hand of friendship as something more. It constantly amused us. However we both new this could never be because of who and what you are.

I love how you often cheered me up with your weird antics, which never fail to bring me out of my doldrums. I love your constant support. I love how you never judge me, accepting me for who I am. I love how you broaden my perspective. I love your optimistic nature. I love how you showed me another side; another world that I never knew existed.

I miss your hugs and the way you dance. I miss your openness.
I miss you.

Oh so much.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Make up anyone?

It's dangerous when you have shopperholics for colleagues. Even more so when there is a warehouse sale just around the corner of your office. With colleagues that encourages you to spend it is no wonder you come back a whole lot poorer.

Within two days, I have more make up to last a year.

Or maybe two.